Amy Lee is turning into Delta Burke

After careful review, I have noticed that over time, Amy Lee, the lead singer of Evanescence, will turn into Delta Burke. Here is the most recent photo of Amy Lee, at the 2008 Grammy Awards:


She has put on a couple el bees, but nothing too terrible. But if she keeps it up, an artist rendering says she’ll look something like this:



Bachelor Food of the Week: A Balanced Meal???

I am writing this blog as a changed man. I had a balanced meal for dinner last night that I prepared myself. Not 2 cherry Pop Tarts and 3 fruit snacks, or 23 peanut butter crackers, or even a large Dominoes pizza. The meal I had consisted of meat, veggies, bread and fruit! I know I should have had milk too, but the sell date on it was January 7th and I have a strict two weeks over rule on dairy products. Besides, Steve told me that the butter on the bread counted as dairy.

Here’s what I ate:

1 chicken breast, steamed to perfection with a little Sriracha for flavor


1 serving of steamed broccoli (delicious)


3 pieces of garlic bread (I pry should have only had 2 pieces, but I’m weak)

1 apple

and a Diet Pepsi.

Wow, I feel so mature. I might try another combo tonight for dinner. Having a steamer makes life a whole lot easier. The cleaning isn’t tough, and the taste is better than a George Foreman Lean Mean Fat Grilling Machine. For all bachelors looking for food that has some sort of sustinance, I highly recommend this meal. It’s fairly healthy, and not hard to make.

Bachelor Food of the Century!: Kielbasa and Potatoes

At age 10, I had a delicious meal at my friend Matt May’s house. His mom cooked us Kielbasa and Potatoes. I hadn’t eaten it since, but always remember it being delicious. I decided to use my Iron Chef skills to make my own meal of kielbasa and potatoes. Turns out, I am an amazing chef and the meal tastes freaking awesome. Here is my secret recipe:

Slice up kielbasa and a potato and cook them in a frying pan.


Don’t tell anyone, because I might open up a restaurant with this as the main dish.potato.jpg

For those looking for other ideas that might church it up, I highly recommend salt and pepper. You can find that at any condiment store. Also, Sriracha and Tabasco sauce is good for the hot sauce conosewer. The kielbasa costs a couple bucks. I used turkey kielbasa because it is healthier, but it still tastes good. You can just use one of your roommate’s potatoes. Also, use his olive oil because it will save you money. I’ve eaten this twice, and can make another batch with the rest of my kielbasa. Yum! I’m going to show Rachael Ray my kielbasa, so I gotta peace.

Bachelor Food of the Week 11/11-11/17


Lean Cuisine French Bread Pizza Deluxe. $2.17 at Fred Meyers


and depending on how hungry you are, with Pepperidge Farm Texas Toast. $2.50 for 8 pieces at Freddies.

I highly recommend this for the hunger conscious bachelor. Not only does the Lean Cuisine Pizza taste great, but it is also moderately healthy. That will insure that you can eat as many unhealthy pieces of Texas Toast as humanly possibly without feeling like a fatty.


Lean Cuisine: throw in the microwave for roughly 3 minutes or until you’re hungry.

Texas Toast: throw in a toaster oven for roughly 4 minutes or until you pizza is done.

Recommended drink: Diet Pepsi, High Life, or a PBR.

Warning: Kinda greasy, so if you don’t have any napkins, rub it on the cheapests couch in your apartment or possibly jeans if they are Old Navy quality or less.