Bachelor Food of the Week: A Balanced Meal???

I am writing this blog as a changed man. I had a balanced meal for dinner last night that I prepared myself. Not 2 cherry Pop Tarts and 3 fruit snacks, or 23 peanut butter crackers, or even a large Dominoes pizza. The meal I had consisted of meat, veggies, bread and fruit! I know I should have had milk too, but the sell date on it was January 7th and I have a strict two weeks over rule on dairy products. Besides, Steve told me that the butter on the bread counted as dairy.

Here’s what I ate:

1 chicken breast, steamed to perfection with a little Sriracha for flavor


1 serving of steamed broccoli (delicious)


3 pieces of garlic bread (I pry should have only had 2 pieces, but I’m weak)

1 apple

and a Diet Pepsi.

Wow, I feel so mature. I might try another combo tonight for dinner. Having a steamer makes life a whole lot easier. The cleaning isn’t tough, and the taste is better than a George Foreman Lean Mean Fat Grilling Machine. For all bachelors looking for food that has some sort of sustinance, I highly recommend this meal. It’s fairly healthy, and not hard to make.


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