Bachelor Food of the Century!: Kielbasa and Potatoes

At age 10, I had a delicious meal at my friend Matt May’s house. His mom cooked us Kielbasa and Potatoes. I hadn’t eaten it since, but always remember it being delicious. I decided to use my Iron Chef skills to make my own meal of kielbasa and potatoes. Turns out, I am an amazing chef and the meal tastes freaking awesome. Here is my secret recipe:

Slice up kielbasa and a potato and cook them in a frying pan.


Don’t tell anyone, because I might open up a restaurant with this as the main dish.potato.jpg

For those looking for other ideas that might church it up, I highly recommend salt and pepper. You can find that at any condiment store. Also, Sriracha and Tabasco sauce is good for the hot sauce conosewer. The kielbasa costs a couple bucks. I used turkey kielbasa because it is healthier, but it still tastes good. You can just use one of your roommate’s potatoes. Also, use his olive oil because it will save you money. I’ve eaten this twice, and can make another batch with the rest of my kielbasa. Yum! I’m going to show Rachael Ray my kielbasa, so I gotta peace.


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  1. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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