Cobalt SS Reverse Boost Hilarity
This link above me has been circulating many car forums, and it is absolutely hilarious. It’s by a Cobalt SS owner curious about how his engine works with his turbo in reverse. Not only is it a joke, but it is so clever that most people don’t realize it. The thing that made it even funnier were the random pictures people would post making fun of the guy. I will post them, along with a few others that I found funny:


Go Ducks!

I just wanted to post and say GO DUCKS! They’re playing Mississippi State today at 4:25 PST, and I am leaving work early to go watch it.


If Tajuan Porter has a good game, I think we might win. Hairston and Leunen are usually pretty reliable, so with those three playing well, we might actually make it to the second round. Too bad we’re playing Memphis. Go Ducks!

Who said Free Throws don’t matter? Ducks lose 99-87.


We just lost to St. Mary’s, who are 3-0 going into the game, but aren’t even ranked! And look at the stats. We took the exact same amount of shots and made the exact same amount of field goals. Ok… We took the exact same amount of 3 pointers and guess what? We scored the exact same amount. So we should be tied right? Wrong. We were only 64% from the free throw line and lost by 12. Ernie Kent, the best dressed man in college sports, must be so pissed at the Ducks. How do you lose to an unranked team by 12? Ernie Kent should have called Mike Belotti to see if we could put in Dennis Dixon. Belotti would probably let him, seeing as he cares so much about his players. That’s Just Fucking Great!;_ylt=Ame.hxgPOeKxGVqZV7Z.3NDevbYF?gid=200711200538