Bachelor Food of the Week 11/11-11/17


Lean Cuisine French Bread Pizza Deluxe. $2.17 at Fred Meyers


and depending on how hungry you are, with Pepperidge Farm Texas Toast. $2.50 for 8 pieces at Freddies.

I highly recommend this for the hunger conscious bachelor. Not only does the Lean Cuisine Pizza taste great, but it is also moderately healthy. That will insure that you can eat as many unhealthy pieces of Texas Toast as humanly possibly without feeling like a fatty.


Lean Cuisine: throw in the microwave for roughly 3 minutes or until you’re hungry.

Texas Toast: throw in a toaster oven for roughly 4 minutes or until you pizza is done.

Recommended drink: Diet Pepsi, High Life, or a PBR.

Warning: Kinda greasy, so if you don’t have any napkins, rub it on the cheapests couch in your apartment or possibly jeans if they are Old Navy quality or less.


2 Responses

  1. So how would you cook the Texas Toast if say you didn’t have a toaster oven or you didn’t believe in them?

  2. Good question. You would have to use a conventional oven. Although the heating is more consistent and it usually tastes better, I don’t recommend it. Ovens are scary things what require you to wear ovegloves and mittens to extract your food. Has anyone used an oven since the 1950s? No. Buy a toaster oven, and use that. You’ll be glad you did.

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