Back Butt!!!

My Eyes! The Goggles, Zey Do Nothing!!

My Eyes! The Goggles, Zey Do Nothing!!

Hahaha! I saw this ghastly sight from my coworkers window. Evidently, this woman hit her tire on the curb and it popped, so now she is trying to change the tire. Her crack is 4 feet long, and is offensive on both a visual and emotional level. I can’t erase the memory, so I figured I’d share it with you. Enjoy.


Cobalt SS Reverse Boost Hilarity
This link above me has been circulating many car forums, and it is absolutely hilarious. It’s by a Cobalt SS owner curious about how his engine works with his turbo in reverse. Not only is it a joke, but it is so clever that most people don’t realize it. The thing that made it even funnier were the random pictures people would post making fun of the guy. I will post them, along with a few others that I found funny:

New BMW Vid and Pics

I revved it up to 2500 rpms twice, and then close to 6000 rpms after that.




So far, I really enjoy the car. Like any car, there are some things you have to get used to. I’m not keen on most of the interior plastic pieces. They are cheap, as are the door handles and the glove box, with it’s perpetual sag. Other than that, the car is amazing.

My new BMW M3

Here are some photos of my ’97 BMW M3. I’ll officially own it tomorrow, once the stupid credit union finishes the paperwork.



I like this last photo because it shows my old car, my ’89 Volkswagen Jetta. I had it since I was a senior in high school, and will miss it in a weird way. The car has been good to me. And although it lacked things like power, style, and chick appeal, it made up for it in irregular reliability and self depricating personality. I’m really excited to be getting a real car, and will probably be featuring more car posts in the near future.