Get Your Popcorn Ready! Dallas: 37, Green Bay: 27


T.O. and the Dallas Cowboys beat the Green Bay Packers convincingly, 37 to 27. As was expected, Dallas showed off their offensive skills as Romo completed 19 of 30 passes for over 300 yards and 4 touchdowns. His only intercept was caused by his best receiver, Terrell Owens, who let the ball slip out of his hands in the endzone. Although that play was rough, he still had an amazing game, scoring one touchdown and catching 7 passes for 156 yards. It was their best win of the season, and solidifies Dallas as the number one team in the NFC.


T.O.’s Big Day Out

T.O., the greatest receiver to ever live, is having the best game of his life right now. He finished with 173 yards and 4 touchdowns. This beats his old record of 3 touchdowns in one game. It also gives him 126 career touchdowns, now 3rd all time among receivers.  It’s great to see two legendary receivers, Randy Moss and Terrell Owens, having the best season of both their careers. In 10 games T.O. has 1028 yard and 12 touchdowns. He and Randy Moss have a possibility of beating Jerry Rice’s touchdown record of 22. The next 6 games should be very entertaining. Go Cowboys!