UFC 100: Brock Lesnar Vs. Frank Mir


Brock Lesnar will be going up in a rematch with Frank Mir on Saturday, July 11th, for the title fight of UFC 100. This is the most anticipated fight of the year, and I can’t wait to see who wins. I’ve been following Brock’s career since he joined the WWF, even though I don’t even like wrestling. The guy has always intrigued me, because of his size and overall physical stature. Once he joined the MMA, I got even more interested in it. frankmir

Frank Mir is a great opponent for Brock, because he is a more technical fighter who specializes in submission moves. He is very well versed in different take downs, and has the intellectual advantage in this match. He also beat Brock last year in Brock’s first UFC fight. Brock was murdering him before he got caught in a knee bar and had to tap out.
I want and I think Lesnar will win. He has the strength advantage and is a better fighter than when they fought last. Don’t count Mir out though, because this guy is a crafty fighter.  No matter who wins, the fight’ll be entertaining.


Tiger Woods wins U.S. Open, claims 14th Major Win!

(Tiger giggles like a schoolgirl after Rocco Mediate tells him a dirty joke about sand traps)

Tiger Woods has done it. He has slain the mighty giant, Rocco Mediate, and claimed his 14th Major. He is now 4 major wins away from tying the all time leader, Jack Nicklaus, at 18. Sadly, I was unable to watch the final 18 round playoff, but I heard it was a doozy. They ended up going into a sudden death playoff after Tiger tied Mediate on the 18th hole with a birdie. They played the 7th hole in sudden death, and Tiger birdied to win the tournament.