Amy Lee is turning into Delta Burke

After careful review, I have noticed that over time, Amy Lee, the lead singer of Evanescence, will turn into Delta Burke. Here is the most recent photo of Amy Lee, at the 2008 Grammy Awards:


She has put on a couple el bees, but nothing too terrible. But if she keeps it up, an artist rendering says she’ll look something like this:



29 Responses

  1. This is horrible, as Amy’s little sister I do not find any humor in this. Do you even know how stupid this is. Amy hasn’t done anything to offend anyone. Why the post? Huh? Why? This makes no sense, why would you make fun of someone who hasn’t done a thing to anyone? What happened? Making fun of Britney Spears get too old for you?

    • r u really Amy Lee’s sister? If u are is there any way u could give me some way to get in contact with her? i would love to talk to Amy. She is my role model and i absolutely love her music.her music has helped me so much

  2. You got something against Delta Burke? Why are you looking up information about your sister anyways? That’s kinda sad.

  3. idiots, i agree with Lauri lee!!
    she has a point, i hate it when people make fun of Amy lee! I am a fan that hates when people make fun of Amy!!!!
    And Amy will never turn into “Delta Burke”

  4. point a amy lee is beautifull point be that pic looks like it’s been tamperd with even if it’s not don’t see your pic up hear how bout u put a pic of urself up and we can all pic fault with that yeah !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. @ “Laurie” Funny that you say you are her sister when in fact her name is spelled ‘Lori’ not “Laurie”

  6. Maybe she’s not the Amy’s sis but she got a point. Ur blog sux XP

  7. wwowww…just wow you people are so pethetic…get a life…really now hun you have just a little tooooo much time on your hands…….

  8. “Amy hasn’t done anything to offend anyone”

    She offended me with her sh*tty music that she tried to pass off as goth (when it was nothing more that Christian rock and a total insult to goth music itself).

    As far as her being fat, I have a suggestion. If she goes to the moon, she’ll weigh less.

  9. why the fuck don’t you people just leave amy alone? She did nothing… her music is her music. she has her own style. she fits in alot of different catagories…why don’t you go back to making fun of brittney spears or miley cyrus.

  10. To begin with, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but so what if Amy Lee put on a couple of pounds she`s still a Goddess in my eyes and her music happens to be AMAZING!! and i don`t care if its Christian, emo, goth, alternative or whatever the hell categories her music is in it still kicks Ass!!

  11. Boooooooooooooooooring!

  12. mizzpurple312: ‘she`s still a Goddess in my eyes and her music happens to be AMAZING!!’

    u r totally right she still kicks all those losers ass anyway and so does her music so why dont we all just drop this and all those losers dissin her BACK OFF!
    Or someone will end up hurt!

  13. Amy Lee is a fat ugly fucking pig! I hope that she eats a bunch of Pop-Rocks and her stomach explodes right out of her cake-hole!!!! Loser poseur sellout ho!! hahaha!

  14. Hi all my fans i would like to invite you worship me and suck my dick hehehehehehehehehhehehe.

  15. Seriously this is ridiculous. Everyone is just jealous that Amy Lee has talent and you dont.

    She is not fat and she is beautiful. Simple.

    Oh, and if you were Amy Lees little should learn how to spell your own name right…just a suggestion.

  16. I love Amy Lee! I am just about to go on tour and I am in pilates class three times a week, weight training two times a week and 30 min. of cardio three times a week. I am doing this because an international tour is very hard on the body and I want to be in the best shape possible. I weigh 128 pounds and I am 5 feet and 3 3/4 inches. Trust me I had people in the industry tell me I should weigh 110 pounds and get a boob job if my chest drops out from the weight loss. The point is do what is healthy people! It is not good to be fat or thin. It is great to be healthy! Amy Lee rocks and has a beautiful voice!

  17. Hahaha Amy Lee really is fat. And to those who say she is a goddess, allow me to piss my pants from laughter. She is fat, she needs make-up to look pretty, her singing is HORRIBLE live (though most of you would prefer to say: “oh, she was sick, it’s not her fault” or “oh, she was recovering from being sick, it’s not her fault” or “oh, she was drunk, it’s not her fault” and I refuse to believe she was sick, recovering from being sick, or drunk in ALL of her shows. Get over it Amy ass lickers. She sucks, she’s fat, she’s ugly, she can’t sing, she plays like 3 keys in the piano… and she is so boring. Give it a rest Amy! No one wants to hear your Oh I’m such a Sad Girl bullshit. Except the teenies and little fanatics that would cut their wrists to your music while kissing your ass 🙂

    • Hey asshole. You’re nothing but a fucking reject who does nothing but arbitrarily decide things about other people who you don’t even know.
      You’re nothing. Go die. You’re worthless. A useless peice of shit. You probably have no dreams or ambitions, or any sort of goals in your life. That’s why you pick on Amy Lee to avoid thinking about that. Are you a bully in school?
      Talking about people slitting their wrists? You don’t know anything about people with goals in their life and struggles in their life cuz you don’t have any.

      Amy lee is a beautiful singer. You’re nothing but a failure. Everything you do.
      You got some money? I know you have a few bucks, use it. buy a gun and shoot yourself.

  18. Well… i dont know wat to say but since this an old blog might as well say something. i love amy and if there r haters who post these childish sites dont take it seriously. and fat or not doesnt mean ur better. talking about her weight is nothing and not even shocking.

  19. Avishai, although i woulndt have said it that drastically, i agree. what is amy’s music, except overproduced luxurous problems of people who oviously were killed with kindness, unlike others (i dont mean myself)! i always thought EV was sooo epic and of course very unique *coughs* yeah, all right, sad little girl crap for emos with a selfdramatization problem^^. and all the songs sound the same and are too literal. because amy lee is constantly projecting everythig on herself and is not afraid fall on someone’s feet if it will help herself. i guess when the new album comes out it will be the same, only different. u know, 1 song about trouble of being a celeb. 2 songs on her dead sister (god, she alwas says it helps her get over it, but wh the heck are there like 5 songs already? that doesnt help her, shes not getting over it and it cant help her sister, the only thing it helps with is raising the freaking record sales! does she think the whole worlds stupid??) 3 songs about bad friend or whatnot. and what do think? how long before aother member get fired? 2, 3, 5 years?shes a miserable friend. really bitchy and dishonest and backstabbing! just look at ben, rocky etc. she said that there was misery in the band and that of crse it wasnt her fault at all. now who do you think the majority of little obsessive fans believes? the majorit of 5 people saying she isnt a good friend & bandleader, or one girl that doesnt see any mistakes she might have made? or shaun morgan! she bashes britney but is not holding back washing her own dirty laundry in puplic. she is cheap and not believable at all. no, beating dead horses after 10 years really isnt cool….

    • Wow. Fuck you. evanescence is amazing. And have you ever had a sibling die? Cuz i have. And theres only two songs about amys sister. Hello And like you. So fuck that. Go to fuckin hell.

  20. I rub myself at the tennis court when I see college frosh babes


  22. WTF? amy lee is freakin amazing. In my opinion the most beautiful woman on the planet. You don’t have to be stick fuckin skinny to be beautiful. Acctually stick skinny people are far from beautiful. Amy lee will always be amazing. And so will her music. FUck the people that dont thinks so. THey can all go to hell.

  23. LEAVE AMY ALONE!!!!!

  24. I think Amy Lee is the best person on this planet.She is not fat she is….I love her,her music and her piano.I would like to be Amy Lee
    I love you Amy.

  25. Really…WHO CARES??? This is all so stupid anyway!!

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