Lupe Fiasco: The Cool Review 9/10


Lupe Fiasco has had a very interesting career. His first album, Lupe Fiasco’s Food and Liquor, was leaked so far in advance, that by the time it was released, the demand had pretty much died out. It lead to poor album sales and his overall disdain for prepping his second album. Food and Liquor was absolutely amazing, and The Cool is no different. It features a wide variety of vivid imagery, coupled with solid production and minimal guest appearances.

The album starts out with his sister reading street poetry, and quickly moves into another interlude honoring Lupe’s incarcerated manager. After those two, the albums first track, “Go Go Gadget Flow” explodes out the gates. It is a great starting point for the album, and shows Lupe’s ability to rap fast while still using lyrics that aren’t watered down. The album continues with great songs like “The Coolest” and his hit single “Superstar”. Although this album has a concept, it isn’t really fleshed out like it was in the song “The Cool” off of his last album. Lupe instead weaves shorter storylines throughout the album without a strong cohesive element. Tracks like “Hi-Definition” disappoint, because they seem out of place on this album.

Aside from the mediocre “Hi-Definition” and the predictable and self aware “Dumb it Down”, the album is laced with pure fire. Lupe has always been a great lyricist, and his sophomore album paints an amazing picture of life on the streets and the struggle to get by.

I highly recommend this cd for anyone looking for music that not only sounds amazing, but has a message behind it as well. Lupe Fiasco is 2 for 2, and will hopefully continue to make fantastic music in a genre that seems to be getting worse by the minute.