Back Butt!!!

My Eyes! The Goggles, Zey Do Nothing!!

My Eyes! The Goggles, Zey Do Nothing!!

Hahaha! I saw this ghastly sight from my coworkers window. Evidently, this woman hit her tire on the curb and it popped, so now she is trying to change the tire. Her crack is 4 feet long, and is offensive on both a visual and emotional level. I can’t erase the memory, so I figured I’d share it with you. Enjoy.


Eminem-Relapse Review 9/10


Better than Encore. 



Isn’t that what you want to know? Eminem is always at his best when he has something worth talking about. Pills have given him a reason to rap, and he murders this whole album.  Sure, the voices get a little annoying, and some of his pop culture references are dated, but at its core, this is a truly fucked up album about addiction and mental instability.

It opens with a nightmare and never really comes out of it. You’ve all heard 3 a.m., which I think is amazing. Eminem has always been able to paint a picture in your mind, no matter how crazy that picture is.


Aside from We Made You, the rest of the album is really solid. Dr. Dre’s beats work much better with the song concepts than on Encore.  You don’t find gimmick songs like Ass Like That and Just Lose It on here, which is a welcomed change of pace.

The tone of the album is very similar to Marshall Mathers LP, which is a good thing. Same Song & Dance is a brilliant song about a guy who kidnaps a woman named Tonya, forcing her to dance for him and generally ruin her life. It’s vintage Eminem, putting himself into the mind of a serial killer and flowing over a dark Dre beat.

Eminem’s flow and lyrics are absolutely top notch. A line from Medicine Ball actually made me laugh out loud. In Deja Vu, he lays down his whole drug problem and the rationale behind it. It works perfectly with the beat and really makes you sit and soak in each lyric. Hell, the guy even sings on key in Beautiful, which is much better than his attempt to sing on Crazy In Love off Encore. 

It’s great to see Em back in top form. This CD is much much better than Encore, and up there with The Eminem Show. It doesn’t reach the level of Marshall Mathers LP, but what does? Here’s hoping Eminem doesn’t make us wait 5 more years for another album. He’s back.



Tiger Woods doing Tai Chi


Here is Tiger Woods, getting focused during his practice round on Wednesday, preparing for The Players Championship. He must have learned Tai Chi from the Swayze in Road House. Whatever helps you win, I guess. I’m more of a Yoga man myself.

Tiger Woods takes lead at Quail Hollow


(Tiger Woods doing his best Tin Man impression, muttering under his breath “Oil Can”. Looks like his knee is a little stiff.)

After playing a Pro-Am with Peyton Manning on Wednesday, Tiger took a commanding three shot lead during the first round at Quail Hollow, shooting 7 under on the day. It looks like the Tiger of old is back, at least for a day.

T.O. is a Saint!


Recently, a bunch of sports writers and bloggers came down on T.O. for not showing up for voluntary offseason conditioning with the Bills. Turns out the reason why he was gone was because he was accepting an award in Washington, D.C., attending the sixth annual National Alzheimer’s Gala. He’ll receive the Alzheimer’s Association’s first Young Champions Award on Wednesday night for raising awareness in the fight against the disease. Owens’ grandmother has Alzheimer’s.

I’m really tired of people lambasting, that’s right, I said lambasting, T.O. without researching anything that might absolve him of wrongdoing. The guy has been helping Alzheimer’s research for years, and nobody seems to care.

Also, the Bill’s strength and conditioning coach talked with T.O. about his workouts and they are on the same page. He said T.O. is one of the most fit guys in the league, and doesn’t even need to attend the workouts.

So learn the damn facts sports writers! T.O. is a goddamn saint!

New Depressing Photoshop


Here’s my latest photoshop creation. It’s supposed to signify religion causing the inevitable downfall of the human race, but you cant really tell because of my crappy photoshop skills. That’s an angel superimposed on an A-Bomb explosion, along with some purrrdy lightning.  Fun stuff. Oh, and that’s not to say religion is bad at all, but it bugs me when people use it to further their own agendas.  Let spirituality be a personal thing. Don’t force it on other people.  Enough seriousness. I’m sure I’ll post about T.O. missing voluntary practice to receive an award for Alzheimer research help soon. Go Bills!

Terrell Owens released by Cowboys

APTOPIX Giants Cowboys Football

Terrell Owens has been released by the Dallas Cowboys.  One of the greatest receivers of all time was released after getting over 10 TDs and 1000 yards in a lackluster season for the Cowboys.

I sorta get it. The media bugs every team that T.O. plays for, to the point where it makes everybody want to separate themselves from him at all costs. Some of this is his fault, and some is the media’s. Obviously he brings it on himself, because he speaks his mind and is passionate about how he is incorporated into the offense. The media knows this, and pokes and prods him until he says something controversial. The guy can’t shut his mouth, and it hurts him.

I still think he has at least 2 or 3 good years left. The way he conditions himself makes it seem like he’s younger than he actually is. I can see a team like the Raiders pick him up, but he wants to win a Super Bowl. The Cowboys were his best bet at that and they couldn’t get it done. 

It should be interesting to see what happens from here on out. I assume at least a few teams will want him, but you never know. The guy is already a hall of famer, or infamer. It’s a sad day in NFL history…just sad.