e-trade Super Bowl outtakes

After watching the Super Bowl, I feel inclined to mention that the best part was watching the e-trade baby call his golfing partner “Shankopotomous”. Although the game was good, the commercials were lacking. Sure, the e-trade baby was funny in his two commercials, as were a few others, but for the most part they were pretty terrible.  I wanted to share a youtube clip I found of outtakes from the baby preparing for another commercial.

This just goes to show you how creative thinking can make an ad campaign flourish. You know some 22 year old junior copywriter came up with the funniest lines in this campaign.



So I finally got a Wii, after months of searching! I’ve been randomly going to Best Buy, Fred Meyer, and just about any other place that sells Wiis, hoping they recently had a shipment so that I could pick one up. Finally, after calling Freddies every day for a week, I got the inside scoop and bought one last Monday.

I’m very happy with my purchase. It was $250, which is a great price considering the demand is still insanely high. I also bought a charger dock that cost about $38, and I bought Mario Kart.

It was a great purchase, and came with a free steering wheel that the controller hooks into. It’s a lot of fun and cool to play with friends. I only wish I had a bigger TV to truly enjoy multiplayer.

After buying Mario Kart, I decided I needed another game and bought Tiger Woods Golf ’08. Even though the new one is coming out in August, I couldn’t wait so I bought this one. It is a lot harder than the Wii Golf, but so much more fun and in depth.

I never thought I’d be considered a gamer, but the Wii has me entranced in all things game related. I don’t think I’ll ever buy a Playstation or Xbox, but spending a couple hundred of my tax rebate on a Wii was a great investment.  Next stop, Plasma TV!

The Helio Sequence on Kimmel 2/26


Check out this video of “The Helio Sequence” on Jimmy Kimmel monday night, playing Keep Your Eyes Ahead off of the album with the same name. They are from Oregon, and are a great band. I highly recommend checking them out in concert and picking up their cds. Sorry it isn’t on my blog. It isn’t on Youtube yet and I had to give you the link instead of posting it myself.

American Gladiators!

As 2008 begins, I resolve to watch every episode of the new American Gladiators. It was great when I was a kid, and now at the prune eating age of 23, my adolescence has begun again (to some, it never ended). The new gladiators are even more fierce than they were in the ’90s. Take Wolf for example:


This mountain man is the coolest new American Gladiator. He lets out a wolf cry before each event, that scares kids worse than The Nothing did in The Neverending Story.


I never thought a wolf in spandex would look so menacingly hilarious.

The sex appeal comes from former MMA fighter Gina Carano, who goes by the name “Crush.”


The show is on every Monday at 8pm, PST, and I recommend watching it. It’s corporate tie-ins and unapologetic patriotism is better than the “Support Our Troops” bumper sticker on your F-150.