Eminem-Relapse Review 9/10


Better than Encore. 



Isn’t that what you want to know? Eminem is always at his best when he has something worth talking about. Pills have given him a reason to rap, and he murders this whole album.  Sure, the voices get a little annoying, and some of his pop culture references are dated, but at its core, this is a truly fucked up album about addiction and mental instability.

It opens with a nightmare and never really comes out of it. You’ve all heard 3 a.m., which I think is amazing. Eminem has always been able to paint a picture in your mind, no matter how crazy that picture is.


Aside from We Made You, the rest of the album is really solid. Dr. Dre’s beats work much better with the song concepts than on Encore.  You don’t find gimmick songs like Ass Like That and Just Lose It on here, which is a welcomed change of pace.

The tone of the album is very similar to Marshall Mathers LP, which is a good thing. Same Song & Dance is a brilliant song about a guy who kidnaps a woman named Tonya, forcing her to dance for him and generally ruin her life. It’s vintage Eminem, putting himself into the mind of a serial killer and flowing over a dark Dre beat.

Eminem’s flow and lyrics are absolutely top notch. A line from Medicine Ball actually made me laugh out loud. In Deja Vu, he lays down his whole drug problem and the rationale behind it. It works perfectly with the beat and really makes you sit and soak in each lyric. Hell, the guy even sings on key in Beautiful, which is much better than his attempt to sing on Crazy In Love off Encore. 

It’s great to see Em back in top form. This CD is much much better than Encore, and up there with The Eminem Show. It doesn’t reach the level of Marshall Mathers LP, but what does? Here’s hoping Eminem doesn’t make us wait 5 more years for another album. He’s back.




10 Responses

  1. How did you get the album?

    • Everyone has the bootleg of his new album, also this doesn’t make anybody a less fan, when the album will be out his fans will go get it.

  2. Also don’t worry about another album, relapse is a 2 cd album with relapse 2 coming out this december


    how can you say “the voices get a little annoying, and some of his pop culture references are dated” and still give this album a 9/10?

    just about all of the references he makes are dated and sounds like he wrote this album at least 5 years ago and his subject matter sucks to the point that his tracks loose replay value that fact alone makes this album a 6.5/10

    in addition to that, what’s up with em not even hitting the kicks with words that actually rhyme when hes supposed to? and why does he try so hard to make words rhyme when they don’t? that’s why he’s spitting in that annoying voice half of the time. because it makes the words kinda rhyme.

    this album is a 4/10 at best.. by far his worst album!

  4. your retarded the rhymes in this album are sick. your just too retarded to think that. you dont know music obviously

  5. Wicked review. It’s really tough to find a reviewer that understands the artist, especially an artist like Eminem.

    I stumbled across this by mistake but I’m bookmarking this site. 😀

  6. i think i know what made you laugh in medicine ball haha i laughed when i got the album and heard him say that. another one is stay wide awake it has another reference to THAT hahah.
    i love this album nice to see his lyrics aren’t all like ass like that and all the other more childish songs. i love how he went back to his best music like on his older album(s)
    i hope he continues to make albums as awesome as this one. EM IS BACK!!!
    but i think i know for sure there will be another album because in that paul skit he talks about the fact that he has 2 albums he’d like to release… assuming this is the first one there WILL be a second!!

  7. good eminem

  8. great review…..Not many understood the concept behind Relapse ….i hope Relapse 2 will be sumthin different tho

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