Metallica- “The Unforgiven III” review, 9/10

This was the one song on Death Magnetic I was worried about, mainly because I thought it would be a rehash of the past two versions. Turns out that it isn’t at all, and the song is pretty amazing. It starts out similar to their concert intro, “Ecstacy of Gold”, off of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. It builds for a minute or two, before the song starts going. James Hetfield sounds great on the track, as does everybody else.

Once the 5 and a half minute mark hits, Hammett unleashes a great solo. All 7 and a half minutes of the song work well, and although it isn’t as great as the original “The Unforgiven”, it is better than “The Unforgiven II”


25 Responses

  1. Unforgiven III is better then 2 and 1, I actually had goosebumps when I heard it the first time.

  2. It is really good, but I don’t think it is as “classic” and Unforgiven 1. I guess only time will tell though.

  3. A great solo? Huh… try “Born” by Nevermore…

  4. The song is GREAT, and that isn’t an understatement by any means. Coming from me, a guy who practically despises the Load/ReLoad-non-metal era of Metallica and wants nothing to do with it, that’s saying something. Definately one of the best songs on the album – an amazing ballad that will ceirtanly be remembered and loved by fans of all types and preferences.


  6. Amazing song!

  7. How does this song give people chills? And how are people that it topped 1? That’s bullshit.

    This song isn’t epic at all, and I expect that out of the Unforgiven name.

  8. Hmm… The Unforgiven I wasn’t EPIC. It was great, awesome, rememberable, incredible, but epic? What, with ‘One’, ‘Master of Puppets’, ‘Fade to Black’, ‘Orion’ as it’s competition? No. Metallica has better songs than that. The Unforgiven II – well, I personally like it, even though many people hate it. But, I’m starting to prefer The Unforgiven III with each passing day… And I’m sure many of you will too.

  9. Unbelievable song…..this is an unreal album…anyone who says its not clearly isn’t listening…and to those who have stated in the ‘other message board’ that this album is not as good or the same as Black or Justice or Puppets….there will never be albums produced like that again…its in the past history this is new…embrace it enjoy it…the boys in black did an unreal fucking job on this album!

  10. Simply amazing….i can’t stop listening to it. Hammet’s solo isn’t that great, but the energy that comes with it is just awesome. The song, as a whole, give me goosebumps.

  11. The more I listen to it, the more I find the black album doesn’t age as well as the previous 4..

    The 3 unforgiven have a Country/Southern rock feel which until this album I was not convinced could blend with Metal..

    On the first one sounds way too hard rock.. still a good song, incredible vocal hook if you like that kind of things… but a huge letdown compared to One, Fade to black and Sanitarium

    The second one just sucks what’s with the fracking telecaster??

    As a teenager I would go in music store looking for that signature Metallica guitar sound and the guy at the store would say to make fun of me buy a telecaster with a fender twin amp..That is the exact opposite of what they sound like..

    Years later Hetfield went all Garth Brooks and stuff..

    The third Unforgiven (along with All nightmare long) shows that Hetfield is the one and true cowboy from hell.
    It feels a lot more passionate and intense..

    Love the verse guitar riff.

  12. the first time i heard this, i heard the piano and i clicked skip.

    Upon further review, that is a decision i regret because this song is fantastic.

    its better then II, but not the first one.

    the piano intro is a thing of beauty, it builds into that clean guitar, and james on top of his game. then a good solo.

    great song! lyrics are cool too.

  13. I’ve no word… that song is amazing at all! when james sing “forgive meeeeee””forgive me noot!” and after, the explosion of sounds and the crescent power! 4 me it’s a fuckin’ amasing job! Thanks Big M!!

  14. Amazing song. I like that they didn’t say “unforgiven” at all during the song. It would be over done otherwise. It still gives me goosebumps when i hear it. It sounds to me like there’s a dooming sadness, or dread throughout the song. amazing.

  15. It’s a song that stands on its own, i really do love it (along with the rest of teh album! Spent all weekend “playing” it on guitar hero 3 lol)
    why the need to give it the lame “Unforgiven iii’ name and open themselves to ridicule? Before I heard the song I was calling it “Flogging a dead horse” for a laugh.. its only a name, but this song is awesome and deserves to stand out independent of the original and the fairly-lame Unforgiven 2

  16. well i think unforgiven 3 is their ace in this album and i love it

  17. this song is deep, melancholic and freaking awesome.. expected and delivered..

  18. man this is an awesome song, except it just doesnt seem worthy of the unforgiven name w/o the horn intro and “what ive felt, what ive known”…

    oh well, everything else is spot on! def my fav track on the album.

  19. Its worth the name unforgiven, I was skeptic about the inception, but after listening it more than 100 times, I can bet, its one of the greatest of all times. It doesn’t follow typical pattern of unforgivens, Infact the extended guitar sound is at the end of the song. Lyrics are fuck good. I can hear this one for quite long and its addictive. The guitar intro and starting vocal are signature Metallica, no doubts.

  20. Didnt like it as much as unforgiven and unforgiven 2 , shouldnt have call it unforgiven 3 , unforgiven 3 deserved something better.

    But still is a good song with a cool guitar .

  21. for me unforgiven 3rd is better than 1,2 ..
    this song is absolutelu amazing..
    it make my back neck hair stand up..
    james vocal is awesome in part of lyric

    ” he’s round the ground, like his life wather much to shallow..slipping fast down with this ship, fading in the shadow now acastaway.. blame! all gone away!!”

  22. somebody said down here that “The 3 unforgiven have a Country/Southern rock feel which until this album I was not convinced could blend with Metal..”

    man have you ever heard of Down? a “side project” of Phil Anselmo’s, man if you haven’t heard of them look em up. very southern/blues orientated riffs which fit with Phils voice so well it seems to be fated to me…changed my life. same with tool. same with pantera… i guess i get influenced easily 0_o

    but i think if people listen to tool…REALLY LISTEN to tool then it will change them aswell. people are far too quick to dismiss anything they can’t touch or taste these days….

    I Love Australia!!

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  24. Unforgiven IV in five years….? 🙂

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