Metallica- “Suicide & Redemption” review, 8/10

So far, this is the first song off of the new album that I haven’t absolutely loved, and the reason is that it is just an instrumental. It is still great for an instrumental, but I get restless, and after 10 minutes of straight music, I need a break. Thankfully, “My Apocalypse” comes next, so all is forgiven! Truthfully though, “Suicide & Redemption” is a good track. It mixes things up, and although it was a little long, I’m sure I’ll listen to it again and again. It’s no “Orion”, but it still rocks.



2 Responses

  1. This song has one of the best pieces of original work Kirk Hammet has presented to the world since 1991. His solo is simply great. He still sets the bar in this genre.

  2. I think the album is great because of this song. Kirk Rules!

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