Metallica- “All Nightmare Long” review, 9.5/10

You think the song is going somewhere, and then 40 seconds in, Metallica completely changes directions, and then it happens again, and again, making for an insane “Enter Sandman” that rocks incoherently. All of a sudden you realize you are headbanging, and enjoying yourself thoroughly. Then you are tapping your foot. Then you are punching your grandmother’s teeth out. I guess that is the theme for the entire Death Magnetic CD.

This is yet another song that I redundantly deem as amazing. I am still shocked how every track on this CD just straight up rules. The best part is that Metallica isn’t just copying songs from their glory days. They are taking the structure and ideas from the mid-80s Metallica, and incorporating it in a new format.


9 Responses

  1. All Nightmare long is an amazing song. Simple as that. This song is bigger than Enter Sandman. This is the birth of thrash-rock and I’m loving it.

  2. This is simply the best song I’ve heard of the entire album yet, it’s surprisingly good… it pushes you forward and forward…. and one of its strongest points is that James vocals sounds really great here… I’m sure now, Death Magnetic is much better than St. Anger and for sure better than the Loads…

  3. God damn I love this song. With out a doubt it is top 3 of the album. All I can add in my reply would be a video of me bugging out listening to this song, but that is not possible.

  4. This is also my favourite song on the cd. I liken it to a blissful punch to the face. What I do not understand is why they are not playing it live. Also I heard a rumour that it barely even made the cd. That would have been a travesty.

  5. Hunt you down without mercy. Hell yes, the song rocks. Probably my favorite on the album, along with Judas Kiss.

  6. Yeah easily the BEST song on Death Magnetic. One of the heaviest songs Metallica has ever done. Trujillo’s completely shreds the bass guitar!

    My #3 Metallica song behind Wherever I May Roam and Damage Inc.

  7. I heard that with the exception of a couple of things, the majority of this song is actually a st anger left over….come to think of it, watching some kind of monster, there were some GOOD damn songs that didn’t make the album alot of cool riffs….

  8. best song in the album:
    1-all nightmare long
    2-My apocalipse

  9. Label The easy

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