Metallica- “The Day That Never Comes” review, 9/10

Metallica’s first official single, “The Day That Never Comes”, debuted Thursday, and if this single is any indication of what the rest of Death Magnetic will be like, I can’t wait to be headbanging for the next two months. The song has many different elements working in its favor. First off, the lyrics are much better than anything off of St. Anger. Compare this song to something like “Invisible Kid”, and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

The instrumentals are all better. Lars’ drumming has improved, as has the sound of his drums. The tone of the guitars is similar to …And Justice For All, which is a very good thing. I didn’t notice much bass standouts from Trujillo, but on their other song, “Cyanide”, you can hear his presence throughout the track. Hammett’s solos fit the song perfectly, just like the old days.

James Hetfield’s vocals are slightly higher than previous efforts, but for some reason I like them more. He sounds more sure of himself than on St. Anger, and it definitely helps the song.

The only complaint I have with the track is that it switches up the music a little too much without having solid transitions.

The thing I like about this single is that it sounds like Metallica of old, but doesn’t sound like they are treading on old ground. The music has a new feel to it, without sounding derivative or contrived in any way.



7 Responses

  1. ugh…heard this self-indulgent song on the radio over the weekend.

    Lars – learn some new beats. please.

    hettfield and hammett – hummmm…still playing riffs like some kind of guitar hero eh? sounds like something off the black album – riffs initially like enter sandman – basic note playing skill that sounds like a 5th grader (hettfield) just picked up a guitar two months ago and is trying to impress his GF

    Wait, don’t forget, the master of going up and down the frets like Zuiphar, master of the gratiutous guitar heros! – someone should tell Kirk to get a life. So he can move his fingers fast – who cares? it sounds terrible. less is more?

    So – in guitars, you either have to hear hetttfield learning how to play, with his stupid lyrics or KIRK playing way too much.

    maybe if no one buys this album they will go away.

  2. Maybe if they cancel “Queer Eye For The Straight Guy,” you will go away.

  3. The Return Of METALLICA!!!!
    HELL YEAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

  4. whats your problem? the song is great,just because you were expectinng to hear “kill em all” again doesnt mean this isnt good,Metallica do new things,instead of playing the same songs all over the years,you know?

  5. Ho hum…how many times do we need to hear the Metallica bashers like Joey Z spout their usual tired old crap? The single most annoying thing about people like you is you so often claim to have been fans in the “old days”…the Old Days? What the hell is that? Their music (like everyone else’s) is progressive over time. What do you expect? Them NOT to age?

    Learn new beats…riff sounds like Sandman…basic notes….seriously man, let it go. If you don’t like it, dont listen to it. If you think it’s too basic, to old, too new, to heavy, too light, too fast, too slow, to Black Album, too Load, too St Anger, not enough Kill em All, too this, too f**king that…TURN IT OFF

    You see the point, surely…no matter what they release anymore, they will never satisfy someone like you. You the fan (ex-fan?) not worth having.

  6. This Joey Z dude wouldn’t know good music if it severed his weiner (or lack thereof) off. I think this is the best song they’ve released in years, easily eclipsing anything on St. Anger, Load, or ReLoad. So Joey Z needs to stop being so narrow-minded, quit bitching and moaning, and either give it a chance or leave it the fuck alone. Great song, excellent musicianship, and definitely a step in the right direction.

  7. Agreed

    Funny thing is that I was reading reviews on another site and he’s just copy-pasted the same piece of rubbish into the comments of that site too (and god knows how many others). All he does is change his name.

    He used the words “self-indulgent” to describe the song. Could it be possible he was talking about his own review?

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