Lil’ Wayne: Tha Carter III Review, 7/10

After Tha Carter II came out, I officially became a Wayne fan. His lyrics, swagger, and songs were all on point. He was fairly well known in the rap game, but the 3 years after Tha Carter II consisted of numerous guest starring and mixtapes, making the guy the most hyped rapper since 50 Cent. The problem with that time period was that his voice changed, he discovered the vocoder, and his lyrical ability dropped significantly.

I’ve been waiting for Tha Carter III for a long time, and now that it is here, I am fairly disappointed. He has some great songs on the album, but overall, it is just unfocused and sloppy. Lets start with the good:

Mr. Carter ft. Jay-Z: This is the best song on the album. It produced by Just Blaze, and just works well. Lil’ Wayne could have gone a little harder, but I’m not complaining. Jay-Z killed the track. I wish every track on this album was this good.

Tie My Hands ft. Robin Thicke: After a few mediocre songs in a row, this is where the cd picks up and really starts to shine. It’s a Post-Katrina song, and has a great vibe. Lil’ Wayne does great and so does Robin Thicke.

Shoot Me Down: It has a very laid back vibe, with a nice chorus and good lyrics by Wayne.

Playing With Fire: Another great track. It’s energetic and infectious. It has recycled lyrics for some reason, and that’s probably why I like it!

Let The Beat Build: This song is pretty good, despite Lil’ Wayne.

The Bad:

Just about everything else. Lollipop is catchy, but not a great song by any means. Got Money is worse, but it is sorta catchy too. The third vocoder song is Nothing On Me, and it is pretty terrible. Fabolous and Juelz guest star, and Wayne sounds terrible in his verse and on the chorus. Phone Home is ok, but fairly annoying. Dr. Carter is a cool concept, but has a fairly boring execution. Comfortable, ft. Babyface, is pretty bad. A Millie sounds like a mixtape song, and 3 Peat is a solid opener. The rest of the songs are forgettable, with Mrs. Officer being absolutely terrible.

The final verdict is a resounding “meh”. It isn’t as good as Tha Carter I or II, but still has enough good songs to warrant buying.


9 Responses

  1. I don’t know what was so wack about nothin on me, besides the fact it’s an old song. I don’t know why him using the vocoder is such a big deal. He’s been in the rap game for 10+ years he has the right too experment with new things, he + a hell of a lot of other people like the sound so he put it on a few songs for those people. All the songs you rated as good are probably the best tracks on the album. However the songs you rated as bad aren’t really that bad… Dr. Carter is very creative and definitely different from the Wayne’s normal style but like I said he’s trying new things on some of the songs. It’s really no different from weezy doing his Jamaican thing on a few songs. He likes to experiment… I guess that applies to his drug use too.

    Comfortable & Mrs. Officer are dope songs for the females. I personally like Mrs. Officer more because it’s somewhat creative and I think the beat is infectious but it’s obviously not meant for all guys…

    Phone Home is weezy getting in that crazy ass weird mindstate he was probably fucked up as hell at the time and I guess that offends some people but I think it’s dope because you can tell he’s just spittin crazy stuff of the dome.

    + you said the songs were catchy which is definitely good because both those tracks are SINGLES he wants radio play and both of those songs will get a lot of spins on the radio. how can you hate someone for trying to attain commercial success.

    And you forgot to mention misunderstood which is a dope nine minute track which features him getting a little bit deeper and more political.

    He really covered all bases with this album. Songs for the females, club bangers, emotional heartfelt shit, just spitting crazy rhymes & that laid back more soulful music that Wayne hasn’t really done much of before. I think it was a dope album for sure… it seems like because the album isn’t what people expected they just nit pick at things instead of appreciating it for what it is…

    and thats the realest shit i ever wrote.

  2. I actually see a lot of your points. After listening to the cd a few more times, I’m starting to like Phone Home more, because it hits HARD. Same goes for Dr. Carter. I liked the songs concept and now I’m starting to like the lyrics more. Misunderstood would be great if it was just the first 3 minutes, but I don’t really have time to listen to a stoned Lil’ Wayne ramble about Al Sharpton for 6 minutes. Comfortable and Mrs. Officer are both for the ladies, but I still don’t like how they turned out.

    My main problem with the cd is that it lacks focus and his lyrics aren’t as sharp. After listening to Tha Carter 3 about 10 times, I went back and listened to Tha Carter 1 and 2, and still like them more. Tha Carter 3 isn’t half bad, but it just can’t touch his first 2. Look at Go DJ and Fireman. They were both good singles and he didn’t have to become an R&B artist to make them popular. Lollipop is catchy, but the song is a joke. That’s why Flo Rida didn’t sell shit. His song was hot for two months and then everyone forgot about it. Go DJ will always be a good song because the lyrics were crazy.

    Thanks for the comment though. You should write a review for the cd, because you have a unique perspective on the album.

  3. Thanks man… it’s cool you didn’t hate on the album you just gave your honest opinion which is really all people should do. I just can’t stand people blatantly hating on shit they really know nothing about or didn’t actually take the time to sit down and listen carefully too. However I do agree the album does lack focus. The drugs will do that to you I guess… some songs are out of place and it isn’t as cohesive as say a Ready To Die, Illmatic or Doggystyle but Lil’ Wayne is really all over the place as a person and people are going to have to accept that. He doesn’t always think before he speaks so he comes off sounding like an idiot sometimes but he is a dope spitter.

    All in all good review man, i’ll keep on checkin the site and leave my thoughts wherever I feel they are warranted.

    I have my own blog too… who doesn’t nowadays i guess haha. I haven’t really done a full album review because my site isn’t really professional yet, it’s mostly a platform for me to share music with friends etc but I plan on going all out come summertime and i’m out of school so ye… keep bloggin.

  4. After much anticipation, the Carter III is here and i have to say being a huge lil wayne with unreasonable expectations, i am truly impressed with this album. Now im not saying its a classic or its better than the first 2 installments but i admire the versatility of wayne. Whether it be displays of lyrical creativity, club music, catchy tunes, something for the lady This album has something for everyone.

    Mr. Carter w/ Jay-Z probably be considered the best track by most rap gurus. “Let the beat build” and “Got Money” are some other tracks that mix his lyrical skills with a good beat. However i argue that atypical ‘rap’ tracks are just as good if not better. “Tie my hands down” and “shoot me down” are perhaps his best display of lyrical genius.

    Once again Wayne provides sick metaphors throughout the album that make his case for the title “best rapper alive.” Comparing himself to the seasons, telling u if u plan to shoot for the stars then shoot at him or how he is better than everyone else are just some of the ways he displays his creativity with words.

    As far as the beats, there are some really good ones, mainly by Kanye West, the best producer out right now. There are others that are average and will turn away those who want only are satisfied by banger tracks.

    The only song that i think is absolutely terrible is “la la,” which prevents the album from reaching that great status of being able to listen to it straight through. Another thing lacking from this album is a common theme which is hard to accomplish with such an array of different styles. But if weezy really wants us to mention him in the same breathe with Pac, Biggie and Jay-Z then he has to do like the great ones and have some kind of theme.

    Other than that the Carter III will satisfy the Hardcore weezy fans like myself and the fringe fans who can appreciate creativity and something different than the average hip-hop. Its is a CD worth buying.

    On a side note about Wayne’s swagger. Has anyone noticed how he compares himself to Martin Luther King, Jr????? Thats insane!!!

    Enjoy Tha Carter III

  5. santinog i could not say it better than u did. u are exactly right and on point on everything

  6. I personally agree with santinog 100%. If you are a real hip hop head you will realize the genius that is lil wayne. Name another artist who can spit a better verse over any of the awkward and new style beats that he has on the carter III. No one can. Another thing that makes it a great album, is the fact that he hits on all different types of hip hop (pop, stuff for the ladies, political, serious, and awkward.) If you buy any other album, more than likely it will be one style. which is why weezy is on a whole other level than the rest of the game.

  7. boot99, I agree with you on the album having all different types of hip hop, but I just don’t think Wayne is as good on them as he could be. There are a lot of great songs on the album, but Wayne’s lyrics and flow aren’t nearly as good as they were on Tha Carter or Tha Carter II. His punchlines have gotten worse than even stuff on Like Father, Like Son. I still think he is a good rapper, but just think his execution isn’t as good as his previous albums. I do agree that the concepts on the album are good though. Songs like Dr. Carter, Shoot Me Down, and Tie My Hands, and Phone Home (minus the polar bear line)show Wayne at his finest.

  8. my opinion confortable has swag mor swag than mrs. officer. jay-z is the greatest, mr. carter is the best

  9. You can’t reallly say lil wayne has fallen off lyrically on this album.

    Pappa I did it to em. I’m a bastard
    And I’m a do aggin like nigga backwards

    —thats ridiculous from shoot me down

    Excuse my french emotion in my passion
    But I wear my heart on my sleeve like it’s the new fashion
    What are you asking, if I don’t have the answer
    It’s probably on the web, like I’m a damn tarantula

    —crazy lines —from misunderstood

    Those are just a few examples of classic Lil Wayne punch lines from the CD, its all about youre opinion though, i don’t really like the whole arguing thing about rappers at all, because Lil Wayne and Jay Z, and other rappers like Kanye and Lupe, everyone of them has their only style, you can’t compare them, thats what makes hip hop great, whenever you listen to some other rapper, you get something different, if you pick the shittiest rapper in the world, he will probably appeal to somebody

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