Bun B: II Trill Review, 9/10

Ever since UGK released “Underground Kingz”, I’ve been obsessed with them. I bought every one of their albums, and also Bun B’s first cd, “Trill”. Every release has been amazing, aside from “Dirty Money”, which is OK, but not great. “II Trill” deserves a place right above “Trill” as another solid release.

Bun B steps up his game, and creates a truly memorable album that is severly needed in today’s Hip Hop world. Every song on this album is good, and a handful of them are great. Songs like “Swang On Em” ft. Lupe Fiasco, “You’re Everything” featuring everybody, and “Damn I’m Cold” ft. Lil Wayne show how great Bun B is at collaborating with all different kinds of artists. He has a couple tributes to Pimp C, with “Angel In The Sky” working really well and “Pop It 4 Pimp” not so much. Their collaboration with Chamillionaire, “Underground Thang”, is really great, and makes me hope that Pimp recorded enough verses for Bun to put out a CD of new UGK material.

“II Trill” is another stellar album that Bun B should be proud of. With Pimp C gone, it’ll be really hard for him to ever be as good as he was in UGK, but if this is as close as he comes, I’m happy with that. Great Bun B is better than 90% of other hip hop artists out there. 9/10


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