The Helio Sequence on Kimmel 2/26

Check out this video of “The Helio Sequence” on Jimmy Kimmel monday night, playing Keep Your Eyes Ahead off of the album with the same name. They are from Oregon, and are a great band. I highly recommend checking them out in concert and picking up their cds. Sorry it isn’t on my blog. It isn’t on Youtube yet and I had to give you the link instead of posting it myself.


4 Responses

  1. thank you so much for posting this link. I have known these boys since they were babies, and was pissed this morning, when I woke up to discover that my dvdr didn’t record last nights performance. I was very happy to see it, thanks again.

  2. no problemo. My old drum instructor, Paul, is Ben’s brother, so that’s how I heard of them. It was really great to find out that they were playing on Kimmel. Their performance was terrific.

  3. I second that…

    I’m an old man who can’t stay up late enough to watch Jimmy Kimmel. It was cool to see my brother beat up his drumset on national television.

    Thanks Cody!

  4. Hey Paul,

    Yeah, I’m the same way. I fell asleep way before Kimmel even started. They are always good live, and this was no different.

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